Technical support services, specialising in macOS, iOS, software rebuilds, backup solutions, cloud services, hosting, DNS, network configuration, wifi optimisation, troubleshooting and advice

Everything can be repaired and any issue resolved (within reason), so call now and let Duncan get your systems running smoothly. Personalised service is what Mac Zen is all about.

Got a new business and want to setup a custom domain, get a website up & host email? Want someone to take over management of your domain? Keen to setup your own cloud server? I manage many of my client’s domains, web hosting and email hosting. Let me manage yours for you.

Is your Mac feeling a little long-in-the-tooth? It could benefit from a Mac Revamp full software rebuild and a thorough clean! I take a lot of care to ensure the best possible result – with data backed-up (and verified, using the best software in the business) and OSes installed from scratch each time. I will return your machine to you way better than it was before.

Working from home? Want assistance with secure remote access to work, over VPN? I’m a network expert and can setup your existing gear or provide new gear to ensure your network is fast, secure and reliable.

Mac Zen is here to bring you peace of mind. Professional tech support assistance for anything to do with your computer, network setup or online presence. Mac Zen provides out-of-warranty hardware repairs to Apple hardware, and Mac Revamp brings tired old machines back to life.

Mac hardware repair and tech support services in Melbourne, and remote services to anywhere.

Business Support

On Site $150 per hr ex GST

Let Duncan remove the complexity of setting up and managing your tech gear so you can focus on running a successful business. Everything to do with workstations & servers, redundant offsite data, network optimisation, cloud services and your online presence. Contact Mac Zen today.

Remote Support

Remote $130 per hr ex GST

Most issues can be resolved remotely these days without anyone getting out of their trakky daks. Secure remote access is like magic, so as long as you have a good internet connection, most issues can be resolved in short order. Call Duncan immediately (if not sooner) – maybe your issue can be fixed right now!

Revamp Your Mac

Standard $Call for a price

Is your mac a few years old and struggling to keep up? Want to extend the life of your middle-aged Mac? Try a Mac Zen ‘Day Spa’ and put a spring in its step. Revamp, renew and refresh your machine today!

Mac Repairs

Standard $Call for a price

Providing hardware repairs to out-of-warranty and vintage Macs. If Apple won’t fix it, maybe we can! Through access to parts outside of the Apple channel, secondhand machines and with the help of electronics experts, Mac Zen can repair many issues, from unintentional liquid damage to damaged screens to logic boards that go kaput, pretty much everything can be repaired.

The trusted professionals in Mac repairs, revamps, setup and support in Melbourne

Mac Zen brings peace of mind and confidence to customers.

"Our entire business has been running on Macs… happily left in Mac Zen’s hands since our switch from PC. We have not looked back. The Mac arrangement has proved to be both flawless and a joy to use. The simplicity of process, clarity of communication (in language we can understand), and ease of mind has meant this is an area of our business, that although key, we don’t need to give concern to."

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Mac Zen can take the stress out of managing your computing gear and services, ensuring everything works together as well as possible. From the local network to the cloud, your hosted presence, your various devices, workstations, and their security & redundancy – all can be managed remotely on your behalf. Old Macs can have fresh life breathed into them with a fast SSD or just a fresh software rebuild.

Based in Melbourne’s inner-northern suburbs, Mac Zen provides specialist technical support services for any IT-related issue and repair services to all models of Apple hardware. Get in touch today to organise a friendly chat about how Mac Zen can help you.

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