Revamp Your Mac

Do you have a much-loved Mac that’s more than 2 years old? Just passed the Apple support warranty? Wish you could get more out of your machine? Mac Zen is here to save you.

Give your old machine the ‘Mac Zen day spa’ treatment. We backup all your data and applications, wipe the drive and then clean install a fresh operating system and apps, removing unnecessary cruft built up in the file system. We will locate and repair any hardware issues, bringing you peace of mind with your revamped machine.

We clean your old Mac from the inside out by removing and cleaning the cooling fans and heat sinks of accumulated dust. As a result you’ll get improved battery life by reducing the effort required to cool your Mac. Finally, we clean the exterior casing and keyboard, replace the rubber feet (if required) and adjust the track pad (if required) so your Mac feels fresh and brand new again.

Mac Zen can also help supercharge your older Mac by replacing the spinning hard drive with a super-fast solid state drive. We can also increase the memory if required. You will hardly recognise your old machine.



Revamp your Mac $230 ex GST



  • Backup of all your data
  • HD wipe
  • Fresh operating system (OS) install
  • Apps install
  • Install latest updates
  • Restore data
  • Full day spa clean inside and out


Note: RAM and HD upgrades are extra

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