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Refresh and revive your old Mac with our professional repairs in Melbourne

Mac Zen helps you get more out of your laptop with our professional Mac repairs in Melbourne. Following years of experience in the technological industry, we have noticed a trend in the performance of MacBooks. While they exceed users’ expectations in performance, it seems as they age their spellbinding nature somewhat lags. What was once a super speedy operating system now freezes every time you get a little click happy. Furthermore, the laptop that use to function like a workhorse for hours on end, suddenly hits low battery after half an hour.


If your beloved Mac is not functioning the way it used to, Mac Zen has a solution. We specialise in Mac repair in Melbourne and can revitalise your machine.

Our MacBook Pro repairs in Melbourne

We take your MacBook Pro repairs seriously in Melbourne. It is our ultimate mission to return your Mac to perfect function. To do so, we perform the following steps.

Back up of all your data

Before we carry out any MacBook repairs in your Melbourne office or home, we back up your data. This is a crucial first step, as in this technological age the data on your computer is often considered invaluable. From the precious family holiday snaps to important business documents, your computer is a treasure trove. So, rather than taking a risk at losing any irreplaceable files we back them up straight away.

HD wipe

Once all the files are backed up, we completely wipe the hard drive, which permanently deletes all of its files. A hard disk wipe differs from a simple delete, as it completely erases every file without the option of restoring it later.

Fresh operating system (OS) install

Following the hard disk wipe, a fresh operating system is installed. We perform a clean install to ensure the system operates like brand new again. A fresh install also means settings, preferences, apps or any further information are not carried over from before.

Apps install

With the fresh operating system installed, it’s then time to reinstall apps. We also install recommended apps to help make the most of your computer.

Install latest updates

Keeping on top of updates to your Mac’s operating system is important to make sure it’s functions properly. Failure to do so opens your computer up to viruses and other security threats. To avoid these problems, we ensure all suitable updates to the operating system are carried out.

Restore data

With all fresh operating systems, apps and updates installed, it’s time to restore the data. We restore the data from the back up taken at the start of the process.

Full day spa clean inside and outside

We give your computer a full cleanse from the inside out. Our talented technicians remove and clean the cooling fans and heat sinks of any dust that has collected inside. This simple step reduces the effort your computer must undertake to cool, meaning an improved battery life. Once that’s done, we also clean the exterior casing and keyboard so it looks brand new again. If required, we can even replace the rubber feet and adjust the tracking pad.

Rely on Mac Zen for your Apple computer repairs in Melbourne

It only seems fitting that most users’ Apple support two-year warranty runs out just as they experience a problem. The good news is, we are proficient in Apple and you can trust us to perform your Apple computer repairs in Melbourne.


Mac Repairs Melbourne $230 ex GST



  • Backup of all your data
  • HD wipe
  • Fresh operating system (OS) install
  • Apps install
  • Install latest updates
  • Restore data
  • Full day spa clean inside and out


Note: RAM and HD upgrades are extra

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