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Refresh and revive your old Mac with a full software rebuild and an SSD upgrade

Mac Zen helps you extend the life of your Mac with our Mac revamp service. Also called the Mac Zen Day Spa, this service consists of a full clean inside & out (including removing the fans and cleaning the heatsinks), backing-up your data and wiping your drive then installing a fresh OS, restoring your data then setting up your user account to match. It’s a great way to get rid of all the software ‘warts and barnacles’ collected along the way. If your Mac was manufactured in an era prior to SSDs (Solid State Drives) your Mac may be rocking a crappy spinning Hard Drive which by now is probably slowing your Mac down noticeably (and maybe why you’re here 😉 ). If so, an SSD upgrade can be a HUGE upgrade to the overall usability of the machine. While it won’t upgrade the CPU or RAM speed, it will make the machine appear considerably faster during day-to-day tasks. Of course most modern Macs already have SSDs so this upgrade may note be possible for your rig.

If your beloved Mac is not snappy like it should be, Mac Zen has the solution. We specialise in revamping Macs and can revitalise your machine with a fresh software setup and maybe an SSD upgrade. Contact us now to book in your Mac for a full Day Spa treatment!

The ‘Mac Zen software rebuild’ special

We take Mac repairs seriously. It is our mission to restore your Mac to perfect working order – sometimes better than it was when you bought it! To do so, we perform the following steps.

Data backup

Before any repairs are carried out, all user data will be backed-up as a matter of course (and subsequently securely deleted). It is however highly recommended you backup your data prior to bringing in your machine for repair or a software rebuild. Mac Zen cannot be held responsible for data loss but will do everything in its powers to ensure your data is safe while in our hands.

HD wipe

Once the user data is backed up, the SSD or HD is wiped (or a new SSD installed) in-preparation for a fresh software install.

Fresh operating system (OS) install

Following the drive prep a fresh operating system is installed from scratch each and every time. We perform a clean install to ensure the system operates like brand new again. A fresh install also means some settings, preferences, apps or any further information are not carried over from before.

Apps install

With the fresh operating system installed, it’s then time to reinstall apps. We also install recommended apps to help make the most of your computer.

Restore data

With a fresh OS, a clean Applications folder and the latest updates installed, it’s time to restore the data. Data is restored from the back up taken at the start of the process. I can scan data for malware and viruses with software and manually if desired. Data can be selectively left behind or merged if desired.

Full day spa clean inside and outside

We give your computer a thorough clean inside & out. Removing fans and cleaning heatsinks and being careful not to damage components. If you’re doing this at home be careful with compressed air and over-revving fans! Clean fans & heatsinks improves cooling and reduces the effort your computer must undertake to cool, meaning an improved battery life in laptops. Exterior case screen and keyboard carefully cleaned too. If required, we can even replace the rubber feet and adjust the tracking pad.

Rely on Mac Zen for your Apple computer repair needs in Melbourne

Providing out-of-warranty repair services to Macs of most models and ages. No matter if your machine is regarded as ‘vintage’ – everything is repairable! Get in touch to discuss your Mac issue and whether it’s worth your while to have it repaired.


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  • Backup of all your data
  • HD wipe
  • Fresh operating system (OS) install
  • Apps install
  • Install latest updates
  • Restore data
  • Full day spa clean inside and out

Note: RAM and HD upgrades are extra

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