Business Tech Support

As a business owner its imperative that your IT systems, workstations and network operate reliably to ensure an efficient workflow. Mac Zen can assist with purchasing advice, new hardware setups and migration, along with training and ongoing management to provide an integrated IT solution for your office or studio.

Our friendly and approachable team (Duncan) combine technical expertise with the ability to simply communicate complex solutions in a mentally digestible way.

Mac Zen can provide ease of mind with respect to your data security. Call to discuss the most appropriate solution for your setup and needs, with a best-practice approach to data redundancy, password management & security in general.  A unique solution can be tailored to each situation with ongoing management if you want someone to take care of it for you.

Update your network gear to ensure your network is secure! Mac Zen can provide business-grade network hardware, configured for best-practices security approaches, and review your network devices to ensure you’re not at-risk of being compromised.

In addition to being a Mac support ninja, Duncan specialises in setup and maintenance of creative design studios. From Office 365 apps, the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to Final Cut and Logic Pro and other pro media apps and setups, Duncan can manage all your technical and creative requirements.

Purchasing advice, Equipment Recommendations, Network audits, Ongoing management, High availability for issue resolution
  • Auditing of your existing equipment, devices and online hosting accounts
  • Recommendations for cost effective purchases of Apple hardware, server equipment/cloud services and networking hardware
  • Ongoing management of hosted services, high availability to staff for assistance over email, text and phone
  • Your in-house, offsite, on-call, part-time, casual tech support guy.  Get in contact – I will fix!
Server Setup & Maintenance
  • Mac Servers, NAS (Synology) setups, VMs and cloud hosting solutions for your data and services
  • Secure data backups for your workstations and hosted data with physical offsite or cloud redundancy
  • Domain management, email and web hosting management, inc. maintenance of user accounts & licenses
  • Solutions for minimum downtime for worst-case scenarios
Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • From simple home setups all the way to wildly complex network setups (big name music festivals) and ongoing maintenance to ensure reliability, security and speed
  • Gateway/router firewall and traffic management. Wireless optimisation. Traffic monitoring.
  • 4G, 5G, NBN, VPNs, VOIP, VLANs, SSL, DNS, DHCP, LAN, WAN, TCP?  Yep.
Maintenance and Training
  • Machine maintenance, hardware cleaning and optimisation, malware and virus protection
  • One on one training for operating system fundamentals, keyboard shortcuts, navigation, basic apps
  • Syncing personal data across multiple devices directly or via cloud services
  • Leveraging cloud services (and not overdoing it)
  • Workstation hygiene and ergonomics
Onsite and Remote Technical Issue Support
  • In-house (my workshop) and on-site (your premises) Mac support and issue resolution
  • Secure remote support and issue resolution
  • Phone support and issue resolution
Workflow Management
  • Workgroup management and tracking
  • Users and hardware – tracking hardware (who has what) and managing staff user accounts online
  • Applications setup and version control
  • Adobe Creative Cloud setup & troubleshooting
  • Font management & digital asset management solutions
  • Permissions management for managing groups with different access levels
  • Security and encryption options to ensure all staff follow good practices
Email & web hosting, online presence management
  • Setup and management of locally-hosted or cloud-hosted web/email/storage solutions
  • Assistance getting your services working on all workstations and devices, along with password maintenance
  • Website backend ongoing management & maintenance including regular updates and security certificate management where applicable
  • Google business listings maintenance
  • Domain registrations and ongoing management

I’m very happy to recommend Duncan to anyone who’s looking for mac support. His technical knowledge is amazingly thorough and up-to-date, and he’s always able to find a solution to any problem we’ve encountered, no matter what curve balls we’ve thrown at him.

Luke Flood, Actual Size

Excellent Mac service with a human face.

Henry Rosenbloom, Scribe Publications


Call out fee $30 – $50 (ex GST) – location dependant

On-site Support and Setup $140 p/h ex GST

Secure Remote & Phone Support $120 p/h ex GST

Parking on-charged as required

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